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For over 15 years and on behalf of insurance company clients, I monitored policyholders’ defense counsel’s handling of numerous lawsuits.  A primary function of my monitoring was to determine whether submitted attorney fee and cost billings were reasonable and necessary. Over those many years, I audited, reviewed, analyzed, litigated, arbitrated and mediated millions of dollars of attorney fee billings for all kinds of lawsuits ranging from national/international litigation to statewide liability litigation to local-single party lawsuits involving a multitude of  issues.  As such, I have significant and rare attorney experience supporting my evaluations of the reasonableness of attorney fee billings. Serving as an expert witness for reasonable attorney fee issues was a natural progression for my career.



In today's litigation world, which includes numerous "fee shifting" statutes, independent counsel  ("Cumis counsel") arrangements, bankruptcy fee submissions and attorney fee disputes, the issue of whether an attorney's fees are reasonable greatly affects many lawsuits.  


  • Reasonableness of Attorney Fees and Evaluations

  • Monitoring Litigation Fees and Costs

  • Attorney Fee Submission Support

  • Trial and deposition testimony

  • Auditing of Attorney Fees

  • Arbitration Support

  • Mediation Support

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