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David Oken's insurance coverage practice focuses on providing his clients with excellent legal representation for a reasonable fee. David Oken provides all of his clients with unique personal attention while keeping an ongoing focus on case and litigation management. David Oken's outlook on the practice of law helps to provide the best results possible for his clients while using the most cost effective methods. David Oken provides a calm and reasoned approach to legal disputes that greatly benefits his clients and assists his clients in choosing the path towards a resolution of their disputes that fits the clients needs.

David has vast insurance coverage and coverage litigation experience.  He has represented numerous business policyholders, ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to local businesses, when they have difficulties with their insurance coverage. He has the unique experience of many years of representation of insurance carriers, both national and local, to defend them against policyholder claims. For the past several years, David’s practice focuses on the representation of the policyholder when insurance companies fail to properly pay claims.  

David’s extensive experience encompasses coverage litigation for many categories of insurance claims including numerous insurance business and personal insurance issues such as  environmental liability, insurance coverage, construction defect disputes, professional errors and omissions coverage and general liability coverage issues.


Your lawyer should be knowledgeable, creative and responsive to your needs and requirements. At the same time, your lawyer should be able to engage in all necessary litigation and analytical tasks while trying to keep an eye on the goals of you, the client. 

David is recognized as a California Super Lawyer from 2019 through 2021.

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